SMW Gold is a junior exploration and mining company dedicated to development of economic, multi-million ounce deposits in Egypt.

As a unit of SMW Engineering, SMW Gold and its team build on a decade-long experience of Magnesium.com, a parent company of SMW Engineering, in working with some market leaders in the USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, and China. Our partners and customers have praised the state-of-the-art level of the company's technical expertise and the ability to find creative and value-added engineering solutions.

SMW Gold shares the same drive for innovation and excellence that distinguishes its parent company. Our team of highly qualified managers, engineers, and geology, geochemistry and geophysics professionals combine their expertise in analysis, acquisition, exploration, development, and mining of precious and other metals. Incorporating proprietary techniques and vast experience, SMW Gold strives to exceed the industry standards and produce exceptional value for its shareholders. SMW Gold has important pre-feasibility and exploration stage projects underway in the Russian Federation and in Egypt.